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Our Martial Arts Style

Taekwondo Is a traditional Korean Martial Art for Self Defense. Literally translated, Taekwondo means “foot, hand, and way (the way of life)”. However, Taekwondo is much more than simply kicking and punching. Designed as a nonviolent art system, it includes physical and mental discipline with a profound philosophy. In Taekwondo, character development, fortitude, tenacity, and technique are graded as well as individual capacity.

Through practicing Taekwondo, all students can benefit as follows:

Physically – by developing good coordination, greater agility, maximum flexibility, and a strong body.
Mentally – by building self confidence, gaining good judgment, and developing a sound mind.
Philosophically – by learning respect for others, helping others, being honest, and always standing by the weak.


Tae (foot)
Ball of Foot
Sole + Arch
Side + Back of Heel
Blade of Foot

Kwon (hand)
Back Fist
Hammer Fist
Knife Hand
Reverse Knife Hand

Do (The Way of Life)
Self Control

is also a traditional Korean Martial Art for Self Defense. Literally translated it means “harmony, power, and way (the way of life)”.
It, too, uses blocks, punches, and kicks, but also joint locks, throws, and principles of motion, to defend.

Hapkido uses the art of power coordination (harmony between the body and mind) to meet an attack, and then turn it back against the opponent, following through with offensive methods which will control the attacker and render him incapable of further action.

Thus, training in the Martial Arts is a guide for the formation of outstanding character. The Club TKD Newbury Park Taekwondo Program is more than just a Martial Art. It is an outstanding guide for practitioners to improve themselves and to provide a strong basis for fulfilling their inner lives. If you live in Thousand Oaks area, you owe it to yourself to come by our studio.

Taekwondo and Hapkido build a strong body, mind, and spirit. 

It is never too early or late to learn and enjoy this Martial Art.

Challenge yourself!



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