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 testimonials from Students And Parents at Club TKD Martial Arts

Master Yoo and Instructor Julie,

Thank you for being an inspiration to our children. They have grown tremendously with regards to their self-esteem, integrity, behavior, and coordination. They are learning about having to work hard, but also take pride and enjoy their new skills. What a wonderful school......take pride in what you do!

J. & M. C.


Master Yoo. You are the best Master anyone could ever have. You are so controlled and you made sure everyone learned what they needed to keep themselves protected all their lives. I want to thank you for teaching me all the skills I needed to keep myself safe.

Melanie age -  14


I like going to Club TKD because taekwondo is good exercise and helps me develop a strong body. It also teaches me self-confidence, good judgment, and a sound mind. It also teaches me respect for others, honesty, and helping the weak.

Julian - age 8


Dear Master Yoo and Instructor Julie,

The Black Belt Test was truly beautiful to watch.  We are so proud that Michael was a part of something so wonderful.  Your hard work is so appreciated! You are a valuable part of our lives and our community.  Thank you!


Jin & Joo Cho


Club TKD means everything to me.  It is not only a sport, but it is a way of life, a way of living.  I  like going to TKD because I learn something new every day. . . Whether it be a new Form, or a universal lesson about life.  I came into this school expecting little and not planning on it lasting long.  Well, that thought went out the door a long time ago.  I have continued training for numerous years and Club TKD has become a part of my life and daily routine.  It has turned into a journey and leaves me curious of what is going to happen next.  I always heard the saying "Once you become a Black Belt, it is only the beginning".  Now I understand exactly what is meant by that expression!

Hunter Z - age 14


Instructor Julie,

My son's principal at . . . Elementary School spoke to me about Club TKD.  She knows he is taking classes and she said she has really been able to see a change this year in how he handles himself at school, his confidence level, and so on.  So that is a big compliment to your dojang, and for you and Master Yoo.  I can tell a big difference too since he has been coming to you.

Many thanks!

Juli H



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